Manuela is not only a house wife, sometimes she slips easily into the female role just for fun, sit there at her desk or watching television. The baggy look is not what she likes, mostly already is something shiny like a shiny satin blouse and nylon stockings (the house brand of Penny). In the cold season, a sweater or cardigan, this is the feel-good outfit. What feels a crossdresser? Not much, I feel comfortable, I am pleased about the things that I wear and that I like, and sometimes have fun taking and publishing photos. Why? Because it is a lot to me to encourage other people to live their passion, they perceive as natural as possible and just try things. Crossdressers are not perverted, sick or abnormal, they just have a nice hobby.



There is always something to do

Even this foto is quite old, it’s showing a lot of Manuela. The clothes – skirt, blouse, nylon pantyhose is part of my standard dress. A satin blouse is one of my favorites, and doing the housework a nylon coat is a must have. Ironing – why do I like this kind of work? You have much time to think about some job related stuff or whatever. What you see is that Manuela hates any kind of satin or nylon clothes which are wrinkled, so it’s always ironed after washing. I am far away from having a mania for cleaning, but I like the things being clean and tidy at the end of the day. Unfortunately time is short. So – I call my fetish being interesting and convenient, a non-sexual based crossdressing passion combined with joy of housework.


Years Beginning

A happy new year for all my followers and vistors.

My first posting in 2013 I want to deicate my favorite clothes, the nylon coat (or overall or apron, smock, whatever you call it). This one arrives a couple of days ago, a very nice one, the german cult brand “Fabelnyl ImmerSchlank” – always slim – that’s the marketing of the 70s. I am quite sure that I will wear it very often in the near future, and of course will take some fotos, maybe next week. I saw it in eBay, I loved the nice pattern at collar and pockets. I asked some other crossdresser about their way of doing the housework, but mostly they do it without coat, so it’s part of Manuela’s personal style, quite old fashioned, but fitting to my mature age.



After one and a half year of german blog, I still hope that I can encourage people to accept their fetish as a quite normal passion that enrich the life.

Manuela got a new sweater at Christmas, very soft and nice to combine. Sweater and cardigans have the minority in my wardrobe, blouses are my favorites. But at home this is an absolute comfortable outfit for my home. Back to the question, what drives Manuela? No sexual background at all? No, this only plays a small role. Mostly it’s the passion for nice dressing, female clothes and gentle materials.

dsc_8995-001 (1)

Breezy Dress

My apologize to all visitors of my blog, I had a hard time during the last 6 weeks and did not find the time to maintain my online stuff. Today I start translating the last german entries, and beginning on Friday I hopefully will come back with regular updates.

One of the last postings in 2012 was about a dress which absolutely did not fit to the season, a very nice and breezy dress. It was the awareness that women have some privileges in summer, even in business life they can choose some airy dresses while their colleagues suffer in suit and tie.


Short sleeves

I do not like them so much, even if I do not have a particularly masculine physique I always try to hide my manhood. With my leges it’s quite ok, they are reasonably slim. But the discussion is unnecessary, after the first frost at night the short sleeves are going to move to the back of the wardrobe. Does anyone know what you this kind of pattern is called, it comes through the weaving, looks interesting. The skirt, what else with me, a pleated skirt, is a very noble part, a sweet gift. Finally, please note – you can see me without a smock…


Manuela should not and will not dress like a young girl, she also has a weakness for retro clothing. Among the few gowns in my closet I want to mention this really nice old piece, a delicate fabric with polka dots, the white lace collar. It’s not easy to buy something similar today.

Why do some people actually like old clothes, old cars, old trains, old furniture? Must be a tendency. Why attract men to women’s dress? Scientists have written a lot, but I have stopped to concern myself with it. Much more interesting I find the question why the women’s shoe sizes stop at 41 or 42, even though people are getting bigger. Since the larger models are always sell out quickly, it’s got to be a huge demand.