I have much more smocks compared to aprons,, but somtimes I wear them. Either my Ikea apron, or something out of my wardrobe. Aprons can be found today, compared with smocks, still relatively common, especially in the kitchen. Besides the passion is, of course, the practical utility in the foreground. As a housewife I am mostly a little bit “overdressed”, so smock or apron are simply useful as a protection. Well, that’s their original purpose. This gorgeous white one is made ​​of Dederon and looks somehow really festive.


Short sleeves

I do not like them so much, even if I do not have a particularly masculine physique I always try to hide my manhood. With my leges it’s quite ok, they are reasonably slim. But the discussion is unnecessary, after the first frost at night the short sleeves are going to move to the back of the wardrobe. Does anyone know what you this kind of pattern is called, it comes through the weaving, looks interesting. The skirt, what else with me, a pleated skirt, is a very noble part, a sweet gift. Finally, please note – you can see me without a smock…


Manuela should not and will not dress like a young girl, she also has a weakness for retro clothing. Among the few gowns in my closet I want to mention this really nice old piece, a delicate fabric with polka dots, the white lace collar. It’s not easy to buy something similar today.

Why do some people actually like old clothes, old cars, old trains, old furniture? Must be a tendency. Why attract men to women’s dress? Scientists have written a lot, but I have stopped to concern myself with it. Much more interesting I find the question why the women’s shoe sizes stop at 41 or 42, even though people are getting bigger. Since the larger models are always sell out quickly, it’s got to be a huge demand.


Some more thoughts about housework. Regardless of my crossdressing fetish I like my housework, mainly because I am happy with the results, I like everything being tidy and clean, or ironed beautifully. The combination of cross dressering and especially my beloved nylon coats is incidental.. I can remember the 60s and 70s, all the women were wearing a coat, usually made ​​of nylon. There was an infinite number of colors, patterns and ornaments, just great. Pity that this time is gone..

As for crossdressers and housework, from Studio Laura, I know the many requests from people to help as a woman and want to be penalized for errors. Well, it’s mostly about where they want to save the money for a session in the studio, they think that they have provided with 10 minutes of vacuum cleaner and brush enough consideration. I don’t like things like that. There are quite vinous examples where people do a great job that can compete with a good housewife, but that is the exception.

I enjoy the combination of housework and cross-dressing fun, although I usually do not have much time for it. I expect for no reward or punishment for deliberate mistakes. As for the coat, my favorites change regularly. Currently, I am a fan Dederon, and white’s always nice.


Looking on my love of animals, I am completely womand, I like cats better than dogs. I believe that our cats make no difference if they are fondled  by Manuela or by my male part. I think they got accustomed to me walking around in skirt and blouse instead of jeans and joggers, I really don’t know if animals notice this difference. This wonderful apron is a present we got from good friends, it’s placed in our kitchen and used quite regular.